Liferay on DigitalOcean's Kubernetes

Setting up a kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean for deploying Liferay

1 Mar 2020

Zottegem, Belgium


For a project I’m doing on Liferay for a customer I decided to deploy Liferay on a managed Kubernetes cluster at DigitalOcean

Why Kubernetes?

  • I need to learn all about, as we’re also using it at my biggest client. (They have a private cloud though, for this smaller project I need a public cloud)
  • For local development I was already using (Liferay’s official) docker images
  • Kubernetes does seem to become the de facto standard for orchestrating docker
  • Since Docker Desktop has OOTB support for Kubernetes it became very easy to setup and test the environment locally first

Why DigitalOcean?

Getting started

  • create Kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean
  • download config file
  • check connectivity
k8s-liferay$ kubectl get namespaces
NAME              STATUS   AGE
default           Active   9d
kube-node-lease   Active   9d
kube-public       Active   9d
kube-system       Active   9d


Installed helm with homebrew and added the official Helm stable charts repo.

k8s-liferay$ brew install helm
k8s-liferay$ helm repo add stable
k8s-liferay$ helm repo update

You can read more about it on the Helm quickstart page

k8s-liferay$ helm create liferay

liferay helm chart