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The Chosen Stack with Vue 3

About the tech stack I've chosen for my new website(s)

5 Jun 2022

Zottegem, Belgium

Chosing a new stack with Vue 3

Vue vs Angular vs React

chosen a few years ago already, Maximilian…

Vue & Vite

Vue 3 with composition api and typescript. & Vite

antfu inspired by vitess, but I’ve build up the website from a basic boostrapped vue project, and added plugins one by one.

more about the vue & vite plugins in a next blog post.


Markdown & FrontMatter

easy blog post writing. I’m used to write in code editors like IntelliJ and Visual Code. Actually I prefer IntelliJ for java back-end work, with maven or gradle and spring-boot, etc. But Visual Code for JavaScript development. Vite plugin in IntelliJ, etc

Tailwind, WindiCSS

Netlify vs Vercel

Circle CI & SonarCloud