·Zottegem, Belgium

Discovering Nuxt

After starting to learn Vue 3 a few years ago, I decided to continue the learning path to Nuxt 3

Discovering Nuxt

After rebuilding this site vernaillen.dev from scratch up with Vue last year, for which I spend a lot of time selecting and integrating different vue and vite plugins, I decided to build my other website, Harmonics.be and bio.wouter.net with Nuxt 3.

Nuxt makes it a lot easier and faster to bootstrap a new website. Less fiddling with plugins to make it all work nicely together. And it's bundled with Vite and running on Nitro's server engine, so it's pretty fast. I also love writing and publishing content with Markdown, therefor Nuxt Content is just perfect for me for content management.

Edit: A month has past since I've first published this blog post, but since then I've also created a new website using Nuxt for my sister Anneleen Vernaillen, and today (March 2) I've put the Nuxt version of this website online.

Deployed on Netlify

At this moment I have deployed 6 websites using Nuxt on Netlify:

The stack I'm using

The learning never stops

For learning everything about Nuxt I decided to purchase the Mastering Nuxt 3 video course, which is created by the team who created Nuxt 3. I didn't regret that purchase and I can highly recommed it.

Currently I'm learning how to build and secure serverside api's with Nuxt.