About Wouter

In case you're wondering... who is this guy?

I’m an avid traveler, following the sunshine around the world, always open to learn from other cultures and intrigued by cross-cultural movements and tribes.

Sound and music is one of my passions, it’s a way for me to translate, give and recieve energy. I’m currently following a training as sound healing facilitator.


My career as an IT consultant started in 1999. The first 14 years I worked as an employee for several IT service companies, and since 2013 I’m working as a freelancer.
By now I have build up more then 23 years of experience in web development and full stack development.

I have strongly specialised in full stack java development on portal platforms. Since 2006 this was focussed on IBM WebSphere Portal, as I was working for IBM.
Later, when I decided to start freelancing, I changed my focus to open source and Liferay Portal.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed career path.

About this website

I wrote this blogpost about why and how I build this new version of this website.

Some stats and badges if anyone is interested :D

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